Pizza for two

I made a pizza today!

What I should actually say is, I bought two pizza bases from the shops and covered them in sauce and toppings. A lot of cheese, ham and some spicy chicken, along with some chilli powder and all sorts of other spices. And you know what? They were lovely. (more…)

I should really make an acknowledgement

It would probably be a good idea for me to acknowledge a certain award on the blog, so here it is. Read on for award gossip, drunkenness and whatever else comes to mind… (more…)

Hero 3

“It’s the most versatile camera in the world”, they told me. I didn’t need any more convincing in store as I slid my debit card into the chip and pin machine.

I had wanted a camera for a while. Something I could use for all sorts of things. I don’t need an overload of varying settings and certainly don’t have room for anything massive. In the end, there was only one realistic choice.



An old friend

It seemed to be a great idea to launch a ‘daily review’ site at the beginning of last year. After months of hard work, other commitments sure got the better of things and soon enough it fizzled out into a wasted blog forgotten long ago.


Thank you, team

DCIM100GOPROMy second year of studies at City University London won’t easily be forgotten. The opportunity to lead the student radio station at what is considered the ‘oxbridge of journalism‘ wasn’t offered lightly by those in the Students’ Union and was certainly a privilege. (more…)

24 Unexpected Things That Happen When You Move To London


It’s not often I reblog something, however this is pure gold. Each of the 24 points has ‘been there’ written all over it, especially the last one and, maybe the twelfth one too.

Originally posted on Hannah Gale:


1. You won’t ever be able to go to the Natural History Museum. The queue (made up entirely of excited tourists who will bump into you constantly if you try and join said queue) will terrify you. Instead you’ll make the bold decision to mosey on down to the V&A, and, wait for it… be thoroughly disappointed. Don’t act so surprised, we were all secretly thinking it…

2. Drinking will seem perfectly acceptable at all times. School nights don’t exist and you’ll find yourself necking 2-4-1 martinis on a Monday night without a care in the world. You’ll only notice that things might not be quite so wonderful when your doctor asks how many units you get through in a week… Oh.

3. You’ll be glued to Buzzfeed and London Grumblr for 62% of the time. Because the only people who will ever understand you now are fellow Londoners.


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What needs to change (2 of 2)

← Part 1

This year, the coverage has certainly proved a first for so many things. Breaking not only listener records for the station for live shows and podcasts, but also having the debates presented by a female presenter for the first time (and boy did she show me up from my poo effort last year!). To also be the first presenter of the debate to have not been a journalism student? Again, breaking yet more boundaries that apparently exist. (more…)

Student politics… aren’t really my thing (1 of 2)

Part of my job in the media team at uni, involves covering the Students’ Union Elections. This is a big time of the year in terms of student politics up and down the country and certainly from my perspective, the media coverage is something I take great pride in. (more…)

It’s the fort that counts*

Whether its wearing Scream masks, leaping out from behind the shower curtain (and getting punched in the face) or setting up various boobytraps, Joe and I are always thinking about the next prank on our flatmate Vince.


Not yet

I uploaded this picture to Instagram last night, displaying a draft blog post I have kept from publishing. It highlights just some of the embarrassing mistakes in this years elections, from awkward typos to ridiculous statements.

But WordPress still insists I blog at least once a week (like that’s really happening at the moment…) and so here’s your dose of uninspired, cheese-toastie driven nonsense. (more…)

A lot has happened. It’s time to write about it

It’s official: I’m not blogging enough.

WordPress have emailed telling me how sad they are that I’m not updating things as often as I should, and well, I’m sorry.


The impossible

Inspiration doesn’t come naturally when I cook. If anything, coming up with new ideas just never happens. Not even a walk around a handful of shops would help, but the usual student-friendly meals had taken their toll on me.

It was time for a challenge. (more…)

Zero effort

This blog post is the result of a very quick conversation I had with my flatmate, who after listening to me rant about how bored I was, suggested I wrote a blog post about my cooking. (more…)

Custard Cream Comparison

It’s about time that someone compared different custard creams and I believe, I’m fully qualified to take on the job. After all, I’ve only ever been without a packet of the biscuits in my uni bedroom once, and that was only because a flatmate had hidden them. (more…)

The eighteenth month


It’s ‘another one of those’ blog posts listing the weirder and more wonderful things I have somehow managed to achieve or learn since starting uni. Much like back in December ’12, after only 12 weeks in London. This time, I’m approaching the 18 month mark – half way through my course.

It’s a scary thought, but these have made up some great memories so far. (more…)

Entry number: 161

I launched this blog at the beginning of February 2012, after suddenly deciding that I was actually going to go to university.

The weekend was, arguably, life changing – even if I did just sit on my arse for the two days. I had made my application to City on UCAS and launched said blog, (more…)

Prawns tonight?

It seemed to be an appropriate time for me to cook something new. The kitchen was calling my name (those darn voices again…) and I felt inspired. The ‘too much’ Mac and Cheese I cooked three nights ago had only just finished and so a change would be nice. With nothing but ‘inspiration’ on my shopping list, I headed down to the local Tescos and Waitrose to see what I could find. (more…)

This belongs to…

The other night, Vince (my flatmate) and I where bored. Neither of us had any motivation to do any coursework and instead felt like being creative. While usually, Vince would be the victim to a prank by Joe (other flatmate) and I, we thought this time was turn for Joe, who was away from the flat for a few days. (more…)

Road closures and rain

London certainly gave me a new year to remember, with plenty of road closures and a fair dose of rain. As I stood frozen to death only moments after being separated from my flatmates, it occurred to me how surreal it was. Standing on Embankment (kind of) at New Year. My first New Year not celebrated at home with the family, and instead actually in London? (more…)